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Annoying Azithromycin Z Packs – what to do? UPDATE.


Annoying Azithromycin Z Packs – what to do?  UPDATE. 

My husband called Express Script this morning, Monday.  They had no answers other than government sets reimbursement prices.

To clarify, Costco filled the prescription using the bulk form and easy opening bottle & cap.  They absorbed the extra cost for my 60-pill prescription.  THAT is not right!

Complaining that I had trouble opening the Z-Pack, my husband began “… let me show you how …” so I suggested he not bother to show me, to simply ‘open them for me, please’ and handed him all the Z-Packs to open.  It took him almost 30 minutes to open all the pills…and made an advocate out of him.

Additionally, Costco Pharmacy said to call ahead with my next prescription and they will open them from the Z-Pack into the patient friendly bottle & cap.

I hope that someone will weigh in on this.  The Costco bulk price is $91.00/42 pills.  The Azithromycin Z-Pack is much, much higher.

It is not clear to me why Azithromycin cost Costco (other pharmacies too?) more in the cheaper bulk form than the more expensive to manufacture, six pill, Z-.Pack.

Manufacturers – patients should get their medications in a form easily opened. Please.

Excuse me ….  I need Obamacare and housing for twelve….

Thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara <>

One thought on “Annoying Azithromycin Z Packs – what to do? UPDATE.

  1. Hi Sharon,

    The multi-pill packs, in all of their Fort Knox packaging, are far and away the most common way for this medication to be prescribed. Millions of these packs have been dispensed this way over the years because there’s never really been any medically approved indications for long-term use of azithromycin. As you and others with COPD and a few other specific illnesses DO start to use it longer-term, there might be an economic incentive to lower the price of the bulk packaging, but right now I think it’s all “economies of scale,” the little packs are mass produced and therefore cheaper, while there has been such a small market for the bulk distribution that it’s much more expensive to set that aside in bulk packages, and distribute separately.

    Here’s hoping that a change gets in place as the system evolves. I know that in my own practice the pricing of a lot of the prescribed therapy is “interesting” to say the least!

    Good luck with this and all of the other challenges you’ve been dealing with – David

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