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Governor Christine O. Gregoire’s Proclamation – COPD Month November 2011

Governor Christine O. Gregoire has proclaimed November 2011 COPD Month.

Thank you, Governor!


What low, no cost plans are in place for November’s COPD Month?

What plan of remembrance and activities does the medical community who serves COPD plan for patient/public awareness events during November 2011?

World COPD Day is Wednesday, 16 November 2011.

What medical groups have activities for COPD recognition, education and early detection Spirometry testing for the citizens of Kitsap County?

Harrison Medical Center’s partnership with the Better Breather’s Lung Support Group meets monthly in the Harrison Silverdale’s Rose Room.

Harrison Medical Center and Hazelwood YMCA in Silverdale have a superb lung/heart patient rehab agreement – what are they planning for November’s COPD Month 2011.

I am walking, triking or riding a scooter in recognition of World COPD Day 2011.  More later.

Thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara

2 thoughts on “Governor Christine O. Gregoire’s Proclamation – COPD Month November 2011

  1. Unless she also plans on making our 24/7/365 wood smoke air pollution obsolete with laws making wood buring illegal what a waste of her time. Wood smoke shortens the life span of those with COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma, some allergies, MCS, Lung and other cancers and anyone who has a disease caused or aggravated by a poor immune system (most disease).

    People with COPD, Bronchitis and a dozen other problems are told to avoid wood smoke poluution. Impossible to do in Kitsap County. Woodstoves/fieplaces year round, daily yard debris fires, campground campfires, fire pits/bowls/chimineas in mmany yards, wood meat smokers/BBQ’s, beach fires.

    The smoke pollution particles are so small that they filter into our homes even with all the doors/windows closed. And embed deep into our lungs/bloodstreams. The level of indoor air pollution is typically equal to 70% of the outdoor pollution level. No building or weatherization techniques, filters or air cleaners keep it out. Besides who can stay inside 24/7/365?

    Woodsmoke contains several carcinogens, including benzene, benzo[a]pyrene, formaldehyde. Burning 1 kg of wood in a modern heater produces more benzo[a]pyrene than the smoke from 27,000 cigarettes; more benzene and formaldehyde than the smoke of 6,000 cigarettes

    The US Surgeon General: research shows there is no safe level of ambient wood smoke. Wood smoke is harmful to human health at all levels! One in ten children now have Asthma. Infants who are exposed to wood smoke pollution early in life are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with Asthma by age 5.

    Tobacco use is decreasing; illegal in public places, yet Lung Cancer is increasing and is the most prevalent, hardest to detect early and treat.

    It is the number one killer in the USA of all types of cancer.

    It is the number 2 cause of death from all diseases in the US.

    It kills more women then breast and cervical cancer combined. There is more then one cause for this increase. Residential Wood Smoke is one of them.

    Free radicals produced from wood smoke are chemically active for twenty minutes; tobacco smoke free radicals are chemically active for thirty seconds. Wood smoke free radicals attack our body’s cells and stress our immune systems up to forty times longer then tobacco smoke.

    In most areas 80% to 90% of our particulate matter pollution comes from wood burning. For folks with Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, Cancer, Allergies, Bronchitis, MCS this is life-threatening!!!

    Wood smoke is a major source of dioxin,the most toxic substance known to science…Dioxin is passed from Mothers to Babys

    1. I spent years cleaning/restoring a property that had been allowed to disintegrate. My love of the property was the outdoor landscaping. I had part of it logged off for a more defined parking area and the logs kept were used in natural wall retainers around the property. As I cleared areas to safely begin a burn pile, I had burn piles scattered around the seven acres. I set them off when conditions were right and worked the burn until it was nothing but a large ash footprint – most over several days/week/s of burning. I inhaled a lot of smoke. I burned for several years.
      Until now, I’ve assumed my COPD (emphysema) was caused by a forty-year smoking habit. Now I wonder if the years I spent burning wood debris caused the COPD, not the smoking?

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