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Edema, Lymphedema and Cellulitis – you don’t want it

Do not ignore edema in your ankles and lower legs as I did for years.  Get the edema checked out and find out what is causing it.  Follow your doctors directions to get rid of it before it develops into something I can promise you do not want,   Lymphedema and Cellulitis.

My recent visit to Harrison Silverdale er and Dr. Gilbert Ondusko is fixing my right leg.  The great news is the growing painful lump and spreading painful area on my inside; lower right thigh is not a blood clot waiting to burst loose and run amuck willy nilly, hither and yon to create havoc.

Its called Thrombophlebitis a swelling and inflammation of a surface vein and I’m guessing mine was caused by abrasion from the large hard plastic noodle we use for water exercising.  The one exercise that could have caused the problem is the slow and fast jumps out of the water, including shifting of feet.  We have built up to 125 times and I will be sorry not to continue with that particular exercise because I am getting into a good muscular shape.  No doubt, Marilyn will come up with another way to accomplish the same thing without the noodle.

The CEPHALEXIN has done a great job – the pain of the infection on my right leg has decreased to tender and the lump is almost gone.

Almost in direct opposition, the lymphedema in my left leg is alive and throbbing.  The antibiotic for the right leg is not doing a thing for the left leg.  I’m calling my doctor later this morning because it is not getting better – the skin feels on fire and I’m oozing lymph fluid.

The point of this blog post is to let you know there can be serious consequences to ignoring lower leg edema and the pain is a big part of it.


The gorgeous sunset seen outside the Harrison Silverdale ER.  I had to stop and take the picture.

Thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara


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