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West Sound Cycling Club Saturday’s Ride

March 25th, 2011 by Sharon O'Hara
As a lung patient and physically challenged person I'm an avid fan of the 
recumbent trike for good health, safe exercise, fun and cycling in general. 

That said, I volunteered to sub publicity for our local club, 
West Sound Cycling, while Charlie Michel the regular publicity person 
is out of town doing a long cycling tour.  I am late sending information 
about the club's weekly Saturday (tomorrow)  ride.  

So I'm announcing it here in the wrong place for strictly sports but the 
right place for folks who want to ride with a congenial group of neat people.  


"   Jim Llewellyn will be leading this Saturday's ride starting at 9 am
from The St. Charles Anglican Church in Poulsbo.  The route will
cross over the Hood Canal Bridge to the Toandos Peninsula and back

 Jim can be reached at 206-450-0101 or at  

 Daylight savings time has come and now spring is here.  Time to get
out those bikes and ride.  Mark your calendars for the April 10th
Daffodil classic.  There will also be Tuesday evening rides available
starting in Brownsville.  Consult your club website calendar for
other riding opportunities.

Note:  Bill, Mandy and Leo are working on rider certification through
LAB and plan to be offering classes soon.  If you have an interest in
becoming certified in the 101 or advanced program or teaching these
classes, please contact one of them or myself and I will get you the
contact information. "

More later... Sharon O'Hara

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3 Responses to “West Sound Cycling Club Saturday’s Ride”

  1. Invacare Solo2 Says:

    Exercise is the key to building up your lungs and great for the emotions as well. Keep up the good work. Its people like you guys that show others even with a disability you can still live a full filling life.

  2. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do have an opinion about the word, ‘disabled.’

    Physically challenged folks are those people who figure out how to adjust to their changed circumstances and keep on going.

    “Disabled’ folks are those folks with or without a physical challenge who seem to drift in life and don’t get involved in anything.
    That is a shame and waste…’disabled.’
    Thanks again… Sharon

  3. Billy Rivers Says:

    Cycling is fantastic exercise that most people can enjoy. I agree with your ‘disabled’ comment.

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This is a patient to patient blog to exchange information and resources...from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) to Arthritis to Cellulites to Sarcoidosis to Sleep Apnea to RLS to Psoriasis to Support Groups to Caregivers and all points in between. Written by Sharon O'Hara.

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