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Sleep Apnea Patient Wants To Know…

“For treatment of sleep apnea, patients using CPAP machines that have a humidifier are instructed to use distilled water so they do not inhale any impurities from non-purified water.”

Many of us use the CPAP, or as I do, the BiPap to allow us to sleep and keep our airway open.
I have been using distilled water dated February 2005…clearly out of date but didn’t worry about it until recently when I again found a white’ish glob in the water. It is the end of the bottle but I’ve got three or four more sealed distilled bottles just like the last one.

I have been using the out of date distilled water in my BiPap humidifier and found white globs floating around in it. I cloroxed and washed the humidifier. tubes and mask the first time, then threw away the remains of the gallon container

A few days ago I emptied the remains of the second distilled water gallon jug and saw a small glob drop into the humidifier.

I pulled out the remaining sealed distilled water jugs but cannot see through the rough plastic to be sure the water is clear.
The expiration dates of the bottles are February 2005. I will not use them, but intend to call the Kitsap County Health Department. I hope that either they or someone else can analyze the water in the sealed containers to be sure that a sealed container labeled Distilled’ is still good.

The water and glob in my humidifier needs to be analyzed as well…I want to know what I have been inhaling the past few months.

A couple of questions:
1. How many, if any, Sleep Apnea folks have experienced the same thing just described?
2. How many of us use tap water, not distilled water in the humidifier?

Sleep Apnea folks, stay alert and aware of what goes into your humidifier. The lungs you save may well be your own.
Tap water could be the solution…I’ll keep you updated.

More later, Sharon O’Hara

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