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Mayo Clinic Hand in Hand with Microsoft

The Mayo Clinic has gone a step beyond the notion a patient must take charge of their own health care and keep a copy of their own medical records – they want to keep it for us, thanks for the collaboration between the Mayo Clinic and Microsoft.

Among other options,  the Mayo Clinic offers ‘on-demand personal healthcare guidance’ – exactly what patients get from their primary health care doctor.

But where are this nation’s primary care doctors?  The primary doc is the single most important doctor a patient needs for guidance for optimal good health and manage our health wheel..

Trouble is fewer medical students are going into a field where they must know more, be higher trained over a broader field, work harder and longer hours and know their patients as people, not just a name or number.  For all that, the primary is paid less than their contemporaries yet have the same or higher medical school student loans to repay…we need to help students interested in primary care.  We need them.

The old school primary-care physician is retiring or passing on leaving few to replace them.

The primary physician is the hub of the patient’s health care wheel.

The specialists are invaluable too…but, for example, the oncologist is trained and concerned with one aspect of a patient – the cancer – one spoke of that patients health wheel.  That is their job, cancer.

What happens if or when the patient gets another disease, ulcer, arthritis, COPD for example..each a different spoke on the health wheel.

The oncologist treats cancer and might send the patient on to other specialists but who is paying attention to the different meds and treatments that might counteract each other?

The primary physician looks over the options, gathers the information from different specialists and their test results and opinions, checks the different recommended medications and discusses it with the patient.

The Mayo Clinic is offering a revolutionary new way of helping patients.  Is it the wave of the future?
Worth a look…while we work toward a way to tempt medical students into becoming what we need most – Primary Physicians.
What do you think?
“  * Expert Guidance – Receive personal health guidance for you and each of your family members from a source you trust, including information on a variety of conditions, medications, lab test results and more.  Mayo Clinic Health Manager also provides guidance on pregnancy, asthma and immunization/wellness.  Future versions will include additional resources for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a range of other conditions.
* Tracking Tools – Track important information about your healthcare concerns, such as sleep patterns, headache frequency, eating habits, blood pressure and more.
* Get Organized – Manage all your family’s health information in one central location, which you can access anytime online. You can also share information and coordinate care for family members in distant locations.
* Click-of-the-Mouse Convenience – easily print out forms and information to prepare for your doctors visits, or get reminders about important health activities in the coming months.
* Security – Your information is stored in a personal, password-controlled Microsoft HealthVault account. HealthVault lets you decide who you want to share your information with. “

Later… have a great week-end!  Sharon O’Hara

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