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A Hot Shot At Harrison Silverdale ER

A few weeks ago, I visited the Harrison Silverdale ER hoping to catch the Cellulites in my lower legs before it developed into the bad stuff. Lower legs swollen, red infected usually develops into the open weepy sores.

I found a dynamo in the ER by the name of Lisa. She exuded professionalism, enthusiasm, efficiency and knowledge.

Something new for me – she actually outlined the red areas with a pen and asked me to come back the next day, Saturday to check the infection hopefully contained by another round of antibiotics.

Other than the two Thoracic Society International Conferences I have attended and my visits to the University of Washington Medical Center, seldom have I encountered doctors or medical persons who show such enthusiasm and passion for their profession.

I raved about Lisa again to my doctor when I saw her for a follow-up.

Lisa probably isn’t a doctor because I listened to her give her observations, test results to a gentleman I know to be a doctor, and offered suggestion. He listened and agreed.
She is a new and beneficial jolt of aid to the patient.

I meant to write a Letter to the Editor, Kitsap Sun, in appreciation for her extraordinary help but I got sidetracked.

Lisa showed real interest in the patient condition and dialog flowed. She was informative and thorough. She explained what she was doing and why.
I have always preferred being around people interested and passionate about what they do but this is only the second time I have encountered such professional medical enthusiasm wrapped in compassion, shared knowledge and topped with competence in an emergency room.

The reason for this outdated commentary now is an article I read in medpagetoday describing the exact type of experience I had with Lisa in the er.
The article spoke to a new type medical professional coming on the scene, a “RN, NP.”

A doctor but not a doctor, a nurse but not a nurse…, something more.
In the Silverdale Harrison er, her name is Lisa.

American Academy of Physician Assistants

After COPD changed my life, I spent years ignoring periodic swollen lower legs and did not follow my doctor’s advice to cut out salt and elevate my legs – I did not believe it was important.

(A suggestion, if I may. For those with swollen legs, see your doctor and follow her/his instructions. Change whatever you must to eliminate the edema and do it NOW)

You do not want what I have and you may well avoid it.

Best wishes…

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