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The Swine Flu and Compromised Imune Systems

The flue can and does kill.

The very young and those with a compromised immune system may not be able to fight off the Swine Flu but prevention is the key to life for the vulnerable, not panic – prevention. Talk to your doctor. She/he can best advise.

People with the already compromised autoimmune systems are not doomed but should take precautions … and just as everyone else, wash, wash, wash those hands!

Rachel Pritchett wrote a good article and received some outstanding comments, including from patients.

I have included my comments here but a great comment and explanation is from one of “us” – a patient with a compromised immune system and she offers valuable information. Woodswoman

To my comments:
“Wear a mask in public – or not.

We will all die sometime, of something but the folks with the weakened autoimmune systems do not have to be in a hurry and dance mask-less in public daring the Swine Flu to ‘gotcha.’

Be careful, use common sense and have a good time…

I will add the hand sanitizers (with alcohol) are a staple in the car and we use it every time we get in the car from shopping.
The common sense caution might be the reason we rarely get a cold and any colds are mild and short lasting.

My healthy husband and I get flu shots every year…he must, if possible, not bring the flu home.
The flu shot takes about two weeks to work. It does not guarantee a person will not get the flu, but may lessen the symptoms.

Family and friends will not come over if they are sick and I am careful where I go.
I have to REALLY want to go somewhere in a crowd when I know sick people are probably present, including Harrison Medical Center Emergency Room.

Comments? Experiences welcome…

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