Docks would probably be changed for ferry sister ship


Kitsap Transit passenger ferry Admiral Pete will have a sister ship, but not a twin sister ship. Officials earlier decided the boat would be built of metal instead of wood, and hybrid-powered instead of by diesel.

Another difference was discussed during the passenger-only ferry subcommittee meeting Tuesday. The new boat’s freeboard — the distance from the water line to the deck — will be 17 inches higher than the boats now in service, higher than the docks can handle.

Bremerton’s Art Anderson Associates engineers were hired to suggest solutions. Either the boat will have to be modified for about $40,000 or the Port Orchard and Bremerton docks altered for $80,000 to $90,000. The ferry would need to have a chunk cut out, exposing a beam, which would have to be kept covered so water doesn’t splash in. The docks could be made adjustable to accommodate any boat.

“The direction the staff suggested is let’s deal with the docks and leave the boat as originally designed,” Clauson said. “That’s the recommendation.”

There are reasons for the different freeboards, Clauson said. They include design changes to improve safety and efficiency, revised Coast Guard regulations and better access to the engines.

The agency hopes the ferry will be halfway built by the end of the year.

Also Tuesday:

* The POF subcommittee heard that Port of Bremerton commissioners are expected next Tuesday to approve the sale of the Annapolis Dock to Kitsap Transit. The deal will take about 60 days to close.

A new ADA-accessible pier won’t be designed and ready to be built until about mid-2019. It would be completed by the end of 2020.

* It appears the fast ferry Rich Passage I won’t be giving demonstration rides. Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent and Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido broached the idea last month to offer rides during Armed Forces Day weekend so citizens could get a look at what they’ll be voting on in November.

There are too many hurdles, however, including satisfying the state Public Disclosure Commission that it’s not a sales pitch and finding somebody besides Kitsap Transit to pay for it.

Lent and Garrido said Tuesday if they can’t offer rides, maybe they could hold one or more of the agency’s quarterly community meetings on the fast ferry in June. It would remain docked. Discussions will continue.

* The agency’s 2016-2036 long-range transit plan will be adopted at the board’s June 7 meeting. People can comment until May 16 to

Bremerton city councilman Richard Huddy offered comments about it Tuesday. He’d like to see more buses connecting cities and not just moving within cities. Worker-driver buses that sit all day at the shipyard are inefficient, he said. Use them on regular routes that emphasize PSNS.

There are security obstacles to prevent that, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome, Clauson said.

Huddy added that park-and-ride lots, especially outside Bremerton, should be expanded so more shipyard workers and ferry riders can park there and take the bus.

4 thoughts on “Docks would probably be changed for ferry sister ship

  1. Well… this is some of the most complete and helpful coverage to come out about Kitsap Transit in a long time. Much better!

  2. On another note, where is the ridership and usage data that indicates that a 2nd boat is a more cost effective, time saving and productive option than actually implementing bus service that runs from South Kitsap through Gorst into Bremerton or Central Kitsap? Yes, Kitsap Community currently there are no buses that run though Gorst.

    Why continue with this time consuming diversion through downtown Port Orchard for the ridership to have to get off a bus, take a boat and get back on a bus to travel around an existing land mass with a perfectly usable road structure?

    The POF is all about saving a selective and privileged group of riders time. Time is money we are being told. Well apparently adding more time to a certain population of riders and costing them more money by forcing them onto a boat to stuff the fare box and make a certain Transit Director look good in his Port Orchard City Council position is A-OK.

    Can John Clausen be anymore of a complete operational and leadership train-wreck at this point? I won’t be trusting him or Kitsap Transit under his leadership with either my vote or my money at this point and I am really tired of paying for him and his friends meals on the taxpayer dime.

    1. Who wants to go through Gorst? And I guess $50k to $100k makes people one per centers? I’m tired of this talk of privilege. More convenience for people who work is a bad thing? We already have a bus system that caters to the non-working class primarily during the day. Why not something for those of us who pay for their services?

      1. You’re simply choosing which group of workers to “convenience” with your position and your arguments. What about the workers in the South end looking for a more direct route that takes less time and diversions to get to their in county jobs at what has become the county largest commercial center in Silverdale? I am sure they are thinking “Why not something (better and faster) for those of us who pay for their (Kitsap Transit) services?”

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