Logjam leaving Colman Dock being broken

Bremerton drivers will get the green light this week after being stuck at Colman Dock by construction.
When Bremerton and Bainbridge ferries unload in Seattle at the same time, at least four times a day, Bremerton vehicles aren’t allowed north out of the terminal to Marion Street because of seawall replacement project. They’re all forced right, to Yesler Way, where there’s no traffic sensor, so the light stays green for just a short time. It can take more than half an hour to clear the dock.
When Bremerton drivers can use both Marion and Yesler, the light stays green longer because the sensor is on Marion.
The Seattle Department of Transportation will be installing a new override system this week to let ferry workers manually trigger a longer green cycle at Yesler.
I don’t know exactly how if works, whether there’s a sensor in the traffic signals or in the pavement or somewhere else that can tell how many cars are backed up and is smart enough to keep the light green. I just know when the cars are lined up turn toward Marion, the light stays green longer. The manual system should take a bite out of the Yesler wait.

2 thoughts on “Logjam leaving Colman Dock being broken

  1. When it took 25 minutes from ferry to Alaskan Way last week, I knew a better plan had to be in the works. Narrowing to one lane coming off the ferry doubled the pressure at the light.

  2. I found out more today from Nicole McIntosh, terminal design engineering manager for WSF. Its actually loops in the road that trigger the green light, and the Marion loop works better than the Yesler loop, for some reason. The fix should be installed by the end of the month. In the meantime, pull all the way up to the stop strip to make sure you’re being recognized.

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