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Kitsap Transit riders get new voice on Facebook

January 28th, 2013 by ed friedrich

Like most bus riders, Todd Penland has never attended a Kitsap Transit board of commissioners meeting. He can’t get off work for the morning events. That doesn’t mean he and other customers have nothing to say, and it’s why he created a Supporters of Kitsap Transit Facebook page.

Before the economy went bad, Kitsap Transit provided “an admirable level of service for a community of our size,” he said. But there have been reductions ever since while demand continues to increase.
“A vital service like public transportation needs an involved and informed community in order to survive and thrive,” he said. “This page is meant to be a positive forum for those who are interested in public transportation in Kitsap County; a place where new ideas can be born and grow from the input of those who might otherwise go unheard. We hope that everyone who is interested in this subject — including the staff and management of Kitsap Transit — will join us there. Find it at

One Response to “Kitsap Transit riders get new voice on Facebook”

  1. Roger Says:

    I am interested in public transportation in Kitsap County. The problem is the Empire Kitsap Commuter Transit is not that interested in public transportation in Kitsap County. It is interested in high density urban areas with commuters to Seattle. The rest of the counties less dense and rural areas are not part of Kitsap Commuter Transits strategy. We still pay for it but are left out of the transportation equation.