Public invited to share thoughts on transportation priorities, funding

A new online survey invites Washington citizens to share their ideas about the state’s transportation priorities and how to pay for them.
In January, the Legislature and governor will be faced with tough choices on how to meet the state’s growing transportation needs. It’s believed that changing driving habits, increased fuel-efficiency and more electric cars will make the gas tax an unsustainable transportation revenue source for the long-term.
To help decision makers, the Washington State Transportation Commission launched a statewide survey seeking public opinion about transportation funding and investment priorities. Washington residents who sign up for the Voice of Washington State (VOWS) survey panel will receive an email inviting them to take an online survey. The results will be reported to the governor and Legislature at the start of the 2013 session.
The VOWS survey panel currently has more than 18,000 members and continues to grow. Sign up at  by Dec. 17. Throughout the coming year, members of the  survey panel will be invited to participate in online surveys on a variety of transportation topics.
For more information on the VOWS program or WSTC, call (360) 705-7070, email or visit .

One thought on “Public invited to share thoughts on transportation priorities, funding

  1. The number one priority should be putting an end to the Redflex Inc. red light scam.
    Do you like that your city is profiting on improperly adjusted yellow light times?
    Do you like that your city allows a foreign, for profit company to spy on you 24/7/365?
    Do you like that your city hires unsworn, unqualified “judges” to wear a robe and hear these cases at the bremerto municipal court?
    Do you like that your cops are off duty the day Redflex signs their names to a red light ticket?
    Do you like your city classifying these tickets as parking rather then moving violations?
    Do you realize you can run red lights all day long in bremerton and it will not go on your driving record?
    “it’s a parking ticket not a moving violation” – Penny Hill (unsworn, unqualified “judge”)
    “it’s a scam and fraud and the city knows it but does nothing because it is all about PROFIT not safety” – Me

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