People behaving better on the roads

Last year Washington drivers crashed their vehicles less than at any time in the past decade. Airbags and seat belts can reduce fatalities, but drivers themselves get credit for cutting down on collisions.

” … A reduction in collisions means there has been a marked improvement in driver behavior,” said Darrin Grondel, director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission., which co-authored a press release with the Washington State Patrol and Washington Department of Transportation.

There were fewer than 99,000 collisions in 2011, down from a peak of 123,000 in 2005. The state’s Target Zero program, traffic safety experts focused on finding out what causes collisions and how to prevent them, has a goal of zero traffic deaths and serious injures.

Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond said highway safety features such as rumble strips and cable guardrail prevent collisions, reduce injuries and save lives.

Collisions are down across the board. Injury decisions down about 20 percent from a peak in 2005, DUI-related collisions down about 21 percent, and fatal collisions down by about 30 percent, also from ’05.

State Patrol Chief John Batiste says there are no such things as accidents in traffic. Everybody has the power to reduce them by making better choices. The three most important choices, he said, are slowing down, paying attention to the road and driving sober.


4 thoughts on “People behaving better on the roads

  1. Just yesterday I saw a driver steering with her knees while both hands were busy texting, of course with the high cost of gas, unemployment, and low incomes there was less cars on the road for her to hit, a rumble strip to alert her if she wandered to far off the road, a cable guard rail to keep her out of head on traffic and if that doesnt work an airbag to cushion any impact and an insurance company to buy her a new car.
    -Cha Ching
    Master of the run on sentence
    Now I better get back to driving the toll booth is coming up

  2. Well, my Solstice GXP convertible got hit in a parking lot during my lunch hour on Friday;-( Guy driving was here on business from San Diego and had rented a full size truck. Well he misjudged how big a full size truck is and tried to drive between parking spaces and creamed the back quarter panel of my car using the entire side of a Chevy Silverado. Ruined my wheel too. I was standing right outside the door of the resturant and had a front row seat to the entire thing.

    So people are just taking their bad driving off the streets and into the parking lot instead;-)

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