New, higher licensing fees kick in Oct. 1

Several driver and vehicle license fees will increase on Oct. 1, so get into the DOL by the end of next week and save yourself a few bucks.

For example, the price to get a new or renew an old driver’s license will jump from $25 for five years to $45. A vehicle title that costs just 5 bucks now will triple to $15. The cost of a driver’s exam will be bumped up from $20 to $35. Car owners will pay a new $10 fee for their vehicle’s first set of license plates while motorcycle owners will shell out $4 for their first plates. And there are a bunch of others.

One I don’t mind seeing skyrocket is the cost for a DUI hearing. It’ll go from $200 to $375. They should’ve jacked it to $1,000 and not raised the other fees, at least not as much.

The Legislature passed all these increases in March to raise $57 million the rest of this biennium and $185 million in 2013-15 for transportation.

2 thoughts on “New, higher licensing fees kick in Oct. 1

  1. How nice… Because we just haven’t been paying enough already and everything else in the universe (except my paycheck) has skyrocketed too.

  2. You know this state really sucks. Theres know way I’m going to be able to afford to retire here. You vote to pass laws and the fricken state renigs on your vote anyway. So what the $#%^%#.

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