Republicans proposing pinata transportation bill

House Republican leaders are expected Tuesday to introduce their version of a transportation bill. It won’t go anywhere and they know it because they’ve loaded it up with a bunch of non-transportation stuff they know the Dems won’t go for.

The bill would mandate new offshore drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; divert oil revenues to pay for transportation projects and require passage of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.  By insisting on these unrelated items, the House GOP is preventing passage of badly needed transportation legislation.

That violates my idea of fairness, no matter which party is doing it. These people are supposed to be grownups and yet they play these silly games with our country.

4 thoughts on “Republicans proposing pinata transportation bill

  1. It would be better to let China, with a oil platform now 90 miles from Florida, and Russia, up in the Artic, to get the oil… We don’t need oil..

    We just need wind and solar, and Amerika will be booming economy.

    When did American’s think that we did not need energy to grow? When did America surrender power that we need, to the enviroMENTAList….?

    As a Nation, we are heading down, down, down, and the democrats play politics and class warfare games….

    I hate democrats and the environazi’s who are going to kill our economy

  2. They are the modern so-called Republicans, (better known as “Neo-Conservatives”) are they not?

    Country matters not; only party, and personal gain.

    Oh, for the return of the Grand Old Party.

  3. This is how the congress of this country works and has for a long time. The main difference is with the access to news and information we see all the political jockeying that we didn’t see before. If you think this is bad read about FDR and the Supreme Court.

  4. Since when is oil unrelated to transportation? I don’t like symbolic political gestures either, but I’m pretty sure the fuel I put in my car starts out as oil.

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