State getting another new ferry

Well, it’s true, but nothing to get excited about unless you need to get from Wilbur to Keller. Problem is, Lake Roosevelt cuts between the Eastern Washington communities, and residents, school kids, freight haulers and emergency reponders rely on the 63-year-old Martha S. to make the 1.25-mile connection.

On Thursday, the state awarded the contract for a new 20-car ferry to Foss Maritime Co. of Seattle. It’ll build the all-aluminum boat in pieces at it’s Rainier, Ore. plant and ship them to the site for assembly.

Foss’ bid was $9,557,178, about $250,000 less than the state’s estimate. It’s supposed to deliver the ferry in May 2013.

One thought on “State getting another new ferry

  1. I love taking the Keller ferry. Growing up my parents loved to vacation at a lakeside lodge high up in the Okanogan. The route we often took was via a ride on the Keller ferry. Such good and fun memories.

    Thanks for posting this!

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