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Traffic, like rock scalers, has been up and down

September 22nd, 2011 by ed friedrich

For the first few weeks of the Highway 3 rock-scaling project at Windy Point I barely had to touch the brakes. Everybody did a pretty good job of slowing to the new speed limit of 35, or close to it, but they didn’t really have to. Remember, fines are double in construction zones.

I come in at the tail end of the commute, so have probably had it easy. The only day I crawled in was because I got stuck behind one of those 10 mph vegetation-destroying rigs that didn’t have anything to do with the project.

This week has been different. I had to get to work by 8 one morning and traffic stopped way back between Tremont and Sedgwick. There was no sign of a crash. Maybe it was already cleared by the time I got there. I hope you early folks don’t have to put up with that every day.

Then a couple other times this week, even with my usual banker-hours start, traffic was backed up to Peninsula Subaru. That gave a good opportunity for barista hunting, but I still couldn’t spot one. Are those people who complain about seeing the scantily clothed coffee pourers making it all up? From my experience, they could be wearing square-dancing outfits.

I’ve only seen one bicyclist so far. That was in the evening. I figure if they work at the shipyard they’re probably already at work by time I get there. The escort truck is always sitting at Viking Fence with a beautiful German shepherd in the back.

The rock-scaling work looks pretty interesting. Maybe that’s why traffic is slowing down. They’re gawking at the guys hanging from ropes, like me. I hope to arrange to do a story on them before they’re all done.

2 Responses to “Traffic, like rock scalers, has been up and down”

  1. Scott Turchin Says:

    I remember when I was about 5 or so and they used to stop traffic there as they were blowing dynamite in the quarry. Kind of reminds me of that except for the dynamite part! :)

  2. lovekitsap Says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t take this opportunity to take the rocks back far enough to add a third lane to Gorst.