Break out the Tesla, the electric highway’s coming

I guess my kid can order that Tesla he’s always dreamed about. The state’s going to have its electric highway hooked up soon.
The Department of Transportation has hired AeroVironment to transform Interstate 5 and Highway 2 into “the premier interstates of the 21st century,” according to a press release.
The Monrovia, Calif., company beat out five others vying to electrify the highways. It gets $1 million to build, install and operate nine public charging stations for electric cars. They’ll be every 40 to 60 miles on I-5 from Canada to Everett and Olympia to Oregon, and on Highway 2 between Everett and Leavenworth.
The stations, that can fully charge a car in half an hour, will be up and running by Nov. 30. They’ll be at retail locations like gas stations and shopping centers. It doesn’t say how much it’ll cost. I thought they were going to be at rest stops.
Plugging the gap on I-5 between Everett and Olympia, the federal EV Project will add charging stations. It will also install thousands of home and public charging stations in six states, including Washington. I can’t imagine they’ll be giving them away.
But, if the kid can afford a $110,000 Tesla Roadster, a charger shouldn’t be an obstacle. Right now he’s only got a couple hundred bucks saved, but once the Internet biz kicks in, the money should start piling up. Plus I bet the tax breaks will cut the price in half.
Instead of paying for his gas, I’ll be paying for electricity. I wonder if it’ll be any cheaper. If he charges up at home, and the thing can go 245 miles on a charge, there shouldn’t be much plugging in on the road. That will get him nearly to Portland and back.
The Tesla only has one gear. It doesn’t even have reverse. The engine just turns backwards. It’ll go from zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds. And you can’t even hear it running. How can you drive a car you can’t even hear?
Nevermind, I guess he’ll just have to ride his bike.