Ferry system goes crazy with the orange

The ferries people have really done it this time. In recognition of National Work Zone Awareness Week, they’ve painted all of the boats orange for a week — April 4-9.

WSDOT will also post photos and tributes to roadway workers, and share ideas for work zone safety on its social media sites, including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and Blogger.

Media and others across the state are encouraged to show their orange to honor roadway workers and bring national attention to motorist and worker safety. You can make submissions on the Go Orange for Work Zone Safety website.

“Going orange is an opportunity for all of us to show support for those working Washington’s roadsides, whether they’re with WSDOT, cities, counties, utilities or contractors,” said Paula Hammond, Washington transportation secretary. “By raising awareness about work zone safety, we help ensure that all workers get home safely to their families each night.”

UPDATE: April Fools

11 thoughts on “Ferry system goes crazy with the orange

  1. So how much is this costing us? The ferry system is begging for money and my commuter rates keep going up yet they can piss away time and money to paint the boats orange. Nice fiscal responsibility Washington.

  2. You teabagger types are so humorless and eager to vent your rage that you can’t even tell a joke when you see one. I guess April Fools was invented so smart people can have a little fun with the weak heads.

  3. Great April 1st Joke; 1974 then Ferries’ boss Dick Berg had the SPOKANE end for ended to play a joke on the commuters. It was an absolute riot watching the patrons in near paralysis trying to get to where their seats wern’t.The joke didn’t last too long as the throttle person in the engine room was not used to turning the hand wheel in the opposite direction and it was too easy to drive out instead of pushing ahead.

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