Manette Christmas Tree Coming Down

The Alaskan yellow cedar at at the east end of the Manette Bridge that gets decorated each Christmas has seen its last lighting. In the way of the new bridge that’s being built, it will be cut down later this week, Bremerton city councilman Adam Brockus said Tuesday.

There were thoughts among city leaders and community members of saving the tree and moving it, but it wasn’t feasible. It would have cost $2,400 to do it. The tree has been there no more than 20 years and doesn’t have great historic significance, Brockus said. The tree will be cut down and sold as firewood, and contractor Manson-Moawat will donate the proceeds to buying another tree. It will be planted out of the way near the end of East 11th Street.

Originally the tree was going to come down the first day of the project, said Jeff Cook, project engineer with DOT, but the contractor decided to leave it up and let the neighborhood enjoy it for one more Christmas. Now it’s in the way.