Manette Bridge: The First Girder Has Arrived

Work on the $57.8 million replacement of the picturesque yet potentially precarious Manette Bridge is still roaring along. And lately, construction spectators like yours truly have noticed that the crews of Manson and Mowat are about to turn a corner.

As Kitsap Sun reporter Ed Friedrich wrote a few weeks back, construction will soon go from vertical to horizontal. Now that the piers have emerged through construction to form the new bridge’s foundation, barges will be bringing in enormous girders to bridge between the piers.

The first of these girders recently arrived (see photo): it’s 123-foot-long and weighs 330,000 pounds, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. The girder will be placed on Pier 2 — the pier closest to the Bremerton side — sometime this month. We hope to bring you video of crews putting it in place.

Moving a sewer line on the Manette side has delayed the project somewhat but crews are working to make up the lost time. It’s hard to believe that by the end of this year, we may in fact be driving on a brand new bridge.

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