They were talking about getting rid of late-night Bremerton runs 25 years ago

Vince, one of my outstanding editors, passed an item along to me that he came across while preparing our Good For You feature for the Sunday paper. Take a look:

In 1985 (25 Years Ago)
“A passenger-only ferry of the type proposed for use on the Bremerton-Seattle route will give a high-speed demonstration Monday.
A brand new 86-foot catamaran built by Nichols Brothers Boar Builders of Whidbey Island is proposed as a replacement for late-night auto ferries, which are scheduled to be removed from the Bremerton run early in the new year.”

Nichols Brothers did build a couple 350-passenger ferries for the route, the Chinook and Snohomish. They were really cool, zipping between Seattle and Bremerton in less than half an hour. They seemed to glide on the water. Unfortunately, they made a big wake that tore up people’s beaches and then the state ran out of money to run them.

But that’s not the main point. That’s how ironic it is that 25 years ago there was talk of taking away Bremerton’s late-night ferries, and it’s made several full circles and come back again this year. Only according to the governor’s proposal, there wouldn’t be any passenger ferries replacing them this time.

7 thoughts on “They were talking about getting rid of late-night Bremerton runs 25 years ago

  1. Here’s a suggestion on the low ridership problem of late night ferries: Have a couple commuter busses move foot passengers between each terminal. This would certainly be cheaper than running even a foot ferry.

  2. Course change required here;The SNOHOMISH and CHINOOK were built by a most reputable builder Dakota Creek in anacortes. The rat or rodent class Skagit and Kalama were built in the gulf coast area. Nichols Brothers built and extensively remodeled the TYEE(not the original name.a

  3. Does anyone show a concern about shipyard shift workers who commute from Seattle? There was a time when I attended these meetings and heard concens about their work schedules. It looks to me that the $52 million earmarked for the tunnel to almost nowhere could have been much better spent to put a bridge to Bainbridge. At least it would get more use.

  4. Yes, they were probably discussing it 25 years ago. However, we are a different community and society than we were then. We’re more mobile, and our hours traveling vary more now than then. Workers are coming and going, people go back and forth for business, medical, cultural, and social reasons. People attend sports events. We are a vital community, and neither Bremerton nor Seattle rolls up the sidewalks at 9 p.m. anymore. We need the late night ferry runs for many reasons.

  5. Nichols Brothers built the TYEE for other owners but refurbed TYEE for WSF. Dakota Creek an Anacortes yard built the CHINOOK and SNOHMISH. The Rat or Rodent Class was built in the gulf area.sed

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