New Manette Bridge: The Piers Are Taking Shape

Watching the crews from Manson and Mowat build the new Manette Bridge is like a kind of theater.

As someone naive yet fascinated by by such a mammoth project, each day brings its share of surprises. What will spring up next?

We’re now about two months into the $57.8 million project and the piers are taking shape. The 12-foot wide cylinders are mostly filled with giant purple rebar cages (see photos) and crews are pouring concrete into them. The cylinder is plunged deep into the ground underneath the Port Washington Narrows.

On the pier closest to the downtown Bremerton waterfront, a complete concrete base appears to be poured, as you can also see.

Most days, spectators frequent the 80-year-old Manette Bridge’s skinny rickety walkway, wide-eyed like me to watch a construction company perform what seems like a Herculean feat.

Keep it coming crews!

One thought on “New Manette Bridge: The Piers Are Taking Shape

  1. Thanks for the great updates and video of the Manette Bridge project! Keep ’em coming. As having spent my 1st 25 years in East Bremerton and seen it deteriorate, I am glad to see the bridge being replaced.
    Cheers from Miami!

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