Where in the World Is Keystone?

People in Coupeville on Whidbey Island say there’s no such town as Keystone, and they want to change the name of the ferry terminal there to Coupeville. Sure, Coupeville’s on the other side of the island from the terminal, but it’s a skinny island. We’re only talking a few miles here. Plus, they say people get the Keystone terminal mixed up with the Kingston terminal. I always write Keyport when I mean Keystone. In fact, I already did it once in this item.

Anyway, there’re trying to round up support and get it to the Washington State Transportation Commission, which is in charge of naming all things transportation — ferries, bridge, roads, even terminals. The town council and chamber of commerce are hoping to get the name changed at the transportation commission’s July meeting. Then Washington State Ferries will change the name of the route to the Port Townsend-Coupeville route, they say. That would give Coupeville more visibility as a tourist destination, they say, what with search engines and such.

Coupeville is a pretty cool old town, I must say. It’s like a mini Port Townsend. I’d just as soon it stay like it is, but the business folks want to stay in business and they think this would help. Guess I can’t blame them.

Also at the July meeting, I think they’ll pick a name for the second new 64-car ferry that will be on that route. Whidbey’s recommendation, fortunately, didn’t make the list. It was Squi-qui.

Here’s a more in-depth story from the Whidbey Examiner.

2 thoughts on “Where in the World Is Keystone?

  1. Ferry deckhands do good deeds on Monday’s too. A deckhand on the 5:30pm Bremerton ferry yesterday found my best pruners sitting on the back bumper where it had survived the drive from Silverdale.
    The only thing I didn’t recognize was the red paint flaking off the blades. That was explained later when the OldGuy said he had used my pruners to cut up an old red plastic kitty litter container.

    He forgot the rule that my pruners were off limits.

    The ferry deckhand went out of his way to save the pruners before we drove off and they were lost forever. I’m sorry I didn’t get his name but he has my heartfelt thank You.
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. For the record, Keystsone is where the Ferry lands on Whidbey Island. It has been the Keystone Ferry since I was a little kid and I don’t confuse it with Kingston, Keyport or the Key Peninsula for that matter. If they rename it the Coupeville ferry will folks confuse it with with Cooperstown or a Coup de Ville?

    What I want to know is who will pay to change all the signs, update all the media, and pay for all the red tape needed for this advertisement for the City of Coupeville which is not where the ferry lands on Whidbey island? If the Chamber of Commerce agrees to pay, then I am all for it. If they are asking me (the taxpayer) to pay for this advertising, I say no!

    I am guessing the state will have to collect a whole lot of soda tax from the country mart in Coupeville to make up the costs…

    Can we get decent Ferry service in Bremerton and quit worrying about silly stuff please?

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