Name That Passenger Ferry Service

The Port of Kingston is taking suggestions for the the name of its passenger-only ferry service to downtown Seattle that will begin in October. Here are some that it has received so far.

Kingston Flyer
Kingston Passenger Express
Cross Sound Express
Kingston Water Taxi
Kingston Water Bus
PTP (Port To Port)
Puget Sound Express
Kingston Sound Express
KSP Ferry

Out of that bunch, I like Cross Sound Express the best. Kingston Flyer’s pretty good, too. They’re all a little boring, though. I think you guys could come up with something more entertaining.The port wants people to be creative, think about what the service is all about, and what name would be a good descriptor of that service. And have some fun with it.

You can reach the port at (360) 297-3016,,, on Twitter at @KingstonPOF or on Facebook at Kingston Passenger-only Ferry.

4 thoughts on “Name That Passenger Ferry Service

  1. The Suits Express,
    Twice Charmed (second time we have tried the foot ferry, or is it 3?)
    The Little Ship By the Sea
    The Drifter
    Water Logged
    Money Pit
    Rush Hour
    Death, taxes & the foot ferry
    I’d Rather Be Fishin’
    Kitsap Fun (pun of Kitsap Sun)
    North Kitsap Sounder (pun of NK Herald)
    To Be or Not To Be
    Mini Me
    If This Boats A Rockin
    The Love Boat
    SS Kingston Minnow

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