Commute Count: May 10

Kid left the windows down overnight. Can hardly blame him. I sure didn’t expect it to rain. So my butt is went from the drive in. It must’ve rained a lot. The door handles were full of water. Still are, for that matter.

A silver, unmarked cop car pulled alongside of me, waking me out of a daydream. I kept an eye on him for a few blocks, then spaced out again and started to leave him in the dust. Oops. Back down to 25 mph on Burwell. Do you know how hard it is to do 25 mph on Burwell? OK, maybe 30 mph.

No incidents. I’m sure they have better things to do than pull me over for going 35 in a 25. I hope.

Saw a big hawk preening on a light pole, the Canadian goose family waiting for the tide to come in so it could go for a swim at the Gorst log pond, and two stark white seagulls sharing the top of a piling. It looked like they were on a date.