More From Bainbridge Ferries

Didn’t have room in the hard copy story to get these notes in from Tuesday night’s ferry meeting in Winslow.

Washington State Ferries Director David Moseley said the agency’s major goal for the 2011 legislative session is to get funds for two 144-car ferries.

There was quite a bit of talk from the 15 folks who showed up about loading and unloading. One woman complained about bikes getting off first and slowing everybody else down. A guy said it’s because the motorcycles move up front and crowd out the bikes so they can only depart a couple at a time instead of like the Normandy Invasion. He suggested painting lines to keep the motorcyclists from crowding in.

If the boats get behind schedule, the drivers aren’t allowed to turn left on Alaskan Way because it makes unloading take longer, Moseley said. They hate having to turn right and then having to pull a U-turn or go all the way to King Street to spin around the right direction. That’s where getting the boat unloaded quicker comes in.

The same lady who wanted the bikes put in back griped about the boat’s two-minute rule. They stop loading two minutes before they’re scheduled to take off, even if they’re not full and cars are waiting. Moseley said they can’t delay because there are transit connections to make, especially someplace like Edmonds. I was thinking if she’d just leave a couple minutes earlier she wouldn’t have a problem. Another guy suggested printing the 2-minute warning time instead of the departure time on the schedules. That’s not a bad idea.

WSF won’t be buying ads in Sunset magazine, but it will do some marketing to try to get its ridership numbers back up. The plan is to help us locals get more visitors to come to our events. The ferries systems will work with chambers of commerce to publicize things, primarily on social media. It got $1 million for the biennium to put something together.