Commute Count: May 5

Got kind of busy all of a sudden. The last time I was here it was still April.

Haven’t missed anything spectacular, though. The last two mornings I’ve followed tractor-trailer rigs that can’t stay off the rumble strips. I don’t know what their deal was. Maybe they were asleep. That’ll wake you up in a hurry, but they kept drifting back to them.

Notice how the mornings have been so nice and then the weather just breaks down in the afternoon. A guy on the radio described it as “unstable,” which is perfect. Speaking of unstable weather, how’d you like that little windstorm we had the other day. Didn’t end up being that bad, but the roads were pretty green with fir branches.

Reminds me of the big storm we had a few years back. I was on my way home from work when the worst of it hit. Got almost to Sedgwick Road when I came to a big tree down across the Tacoma-bound lanes. Never seen that before. Somebody cleared it pretty fast, though. Couldn’t even see who. Called the wife and kid while I was waiting. They were at home, fine, with power.

So it’s pretty dark when I get going again. Follow incredible lightning flashing every few seconds, all the way to Gig Harbor. Turned on to my little country road and it was carnage. Pitch black except for the lightning. Wove around fallen trees for about a mile, under an angled one and the power line it knocked most of the way down. Got within a few feet of my driveway and there’s a tree all the way across the road. Have to turn around, go back under the power line and tree.

Family hasn’t answered the phone for awhile. I’m thinking they must be crushed by a tree. The longer it takes me to get to them, the more worried I get. Have to go around the back way to try to get home. It’s four times as far, and through a  gorgeous trust-land forest that tunnels over the road, so I figure it’s only going to be worse than the other way.

Remarkably, I make it, 4-wheeling my Accord over branches and around trees. Get to my house. It’s black. Not a peep. Struggle in the blackness to unlock the door. Feel my way to the hall bathroom where the flashlights are. Somehow get turned around and don’t know where I am. I’ve lived here 20 years. Hollering at my wife and kid the whole while. Get my bearings back and find the bedroom door. I think I hear something. Snoring. Point the flashlight at them, totally oblivious there’s a storm and the power’s out.