Dallas is Nice This Time of Year

We got an old-fashioned, on-letterhead letter the here at work the other day regarding a story I had written about Kitsap Transit donating its surplus vans to good homes. It was from a child development center in Dallas. I sent it over to the transit folks, though for some reason it was directed at the newspaper.

Though I think most of their vans have been grabbed up, and they were meant to stay local, this Dallas proposition sounds too good to pass up.

The school’s founding director says she can send a crew to Washington to pick up the vans. Four or five of them would be about right. Then she invites “your officers” to Dallas for a week of fun and entertainment. She said she’d work to get us a key to the city. And if that wasn’t enough, she’d name a large conference room after a person of our choice.

Ed Friedrich Conference Room has a nice ring to it. Say it with a drawl.