Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week

Before the week is over, I should mention that it is Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week. They’ve got a day or week or month for just about everything nowadays. I wonder if there’s a czar somewhere you have to get hold of to see if you can have a day, like “Ed Friedrich Finally Writes a Blog Entry Day.”

Anyway, a press release from the National Safety Council says that more than 10 drivers ages 15 to 20 are killed in crashes every day, and another 745 are injured. It doesn’t say how much of that carnage is from texting.

It does say that not texting should be part of your GDL — Graduated Driver Licensing — along with setting a curfew, no speeding, no teen passengers, no cell phones while driving and seat belts at all times.

I can see how you could crash while texting. I can barely sit on the couch and do it.

One thought on “Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week

  1. It is good to respond to incoming text messages, but it is not safe to text while driving. I stay connected with my friends and not distracted when driving. I down loaded drivesafe.ly mobile application and now listen to text messages.

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