New ad campaigns for ferries

There will be three new advertising campaigns on Central Sound ferry routes during October

Hawaii Tourism will advertise on the Seattle-Bainbridge route with morning coffee sampling and afternoon entertainment. Keurig Coffee will advertise on both the Seattle-Bremerton and Seattle-Bainbridge routes with coffee samplings. And the Economist will advertise on the ferry Wenatchee and at the Bainbridge terminal.

Nothing like freebies. Like a floating Costco.

One thought on “New ad campaigns for ferries

  1. I think there is a possibility here for some revenue . Hopefully done in a thoughtfull way . The TV Screens showing commericals , how about a Vending Machine that rents movies . figure easy drop off place for commuters . Some Airports have those TVs where you put in money and can watch TV , even short runs would get people watching , we are such TV boobs these days .

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