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VIDEO: Not your commute

September 18th, 2009 by Derek Sheppard

Ed told me to raid his blog more often. I obliged.

What, you ask, does this video of the new Ferrari 458 Italia have to do with your commute? Nothing. Again, sorry. Nothing. Well, it IS a car. And some of you commute by car. There, it all makes sense now.

But we all need a Friday evening diversion, right? Yes, I did the whole enviro/wallet-friendly hypermiling exercise. But I really like cars. Fast cars. Non enviro/wallet-friendly cars. Someday I’ll still never have owned one of these. But hey, at least when you don’t own a Ferrari, you can afford the insurance.

Happy weekend.

- Derek Sheppard

3 Responses to “VIDEO: Not your commute”

  1. Colleen Smidt Says:


    Did you know that the 1966 Ford GT-40 was dubed the “Ferrari Killer”?

    Did you know that we have a gentleman right here in our own community who ownes the contemporary version of this car.. Yes..this car..

    You should contact him for a shameless ride, I mean story. Shoot me an email on the side and I will give you his name. I have not been able to score a ride in his particular car, but I did get to do a 140 mph out on the Bremerton Raceway roadcourse in a Lotus Esprit V8. Does that count?


  2. derek sheppard Says:

    Don’t tempt me with tales of such cars being in these parts. I’ve never seen the Ford GT running around, but I’ve spied a couple of AM V8 Vantages and a new Nissan GT-R up in Hansville.

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