VIDEO: Not your commute

Ed told me to raid his blog more often. I obliged.

What, you ask, does this video of the new Ferrari 458 Italia have to do with your commute? Nothing. Again, sorry. Nothing. Well, it IS a car. And some of you commute by car. There, it all makes sense now.

But we all need a Friday evening diversion, right? Yes, I did the whole enviro/wallet-friendly hypermiling exercise. But I really like cars. Fast cars. Non enviro/wallet-friendly cars. Someday I’ll still never have owned one of these. But hey, at least when you don’t own a Ferrari, you can afford the insurance.

Happy weekend.

– Derek Sheppard

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Not your commute

  1. Derek,

    Did you know that the 1966 Ford GT-40 was dubed the “Ferrari Killer”?

    Did you know that we have a gentleman right here in our own community who ownes the contemporary version of this car.. Yes..this car..

    You should contact him for a shameless ride, I mean story. Shoot me an email on the side and I will give you his name. I have not been able to score a ride in his particular car, but I did get to do a 140 mph out on the Bremerton Raceway roadcourse in a Lotus Esprit V8. Does that count?


    1. Colleen,
      Don’t tempt me with tales of such cars being in these parts. I’ve never seen the Ford GT running around, but I’ve spied a couple of AM V8 Vantages and a new Nissan GT-R up in Hansville.

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