Tunnel is Pretty Cool

I know it’s not politically correct, considering everybody is supposed to be pissed at this huge pork project and now we’re even supposed to be pisster now because we can’t turn right, but the new tunnel is pretty cool. I got to walk through it yesterday and it’s pretty nice how it winds along and the decorative walls and all.

As for being able to turn right on Washington Ave., we were saying here at work that if that was the plan all along, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

A ferry official warned me months ago that they were worried about how the cars would depart the boats, for good reason. There’s not much distance between the dock and the tunnel, plus it’s all curved. To have cars trying to get over to the right to turn on Washington in that area would be pretty tough.

If everybody was super polite and went nice and easy, it might work. Like that’s gonna happen.

3 thoughts on “Tunnel is Pretty Cool

  1. I’m excited to drive through the tunnel, but I’m just curious who actually made the decision to disallow right turns? Are they open to the idea of raising the gate-arm during non-peak times? I just can’t really see the justification for making me take the tunnel at 150am. Pedestrian safety? I certainly hope there is a venue for this type of feedback.

    Another question, will the # of cars entering the tunnel be counted? I wonder if tunnel proponents are trying to justify the tunnel with a higher numbers of cars.

    Either way, it’s a minor inconvenience at worst. Let’s just hope traffic lights are adjusted during peak ferry offloading times to account for Manette backtrackers.

  2. I think you summed it up very nicely. I still wonder if the changes were due to poor planning or telling tall tales at the beginning.
    In the end, it’s Bremerton’s tunnel now and we will get used to it.

    I can’t help but feel that it will leave a bad impression on first time visitors coming for the marina, convention center, or waterfront activity as they are ushered away from their destination and left wondering how to get back. You know how they say first impressions last. Throw in a ticket for some minute carelessness from Diamond Parking or a red light camera and you will never see them again.

    Signage and parking will be very, very important to make up for the confusion and waste of time and gas. Walk-ons won’t mind, but they will never see the art work of the $53,000,000.00 tunnel.

  3. How many millions did we spend on this hole in the ground? Of course it is cool, if you spend enough pork barrel money youy can make anything cool, even a $24 million fountain. It is time to stop wasting tax dollars on the Bremerton waterfront.

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