Navy Responsibilities Cause Clipper to Cancel Island Route

Clipper Navigation officials were in Olympia today to ask the state  Utilities and Transportation Commission to discontinue their Seattle-San Juan passenger ferry route for a year.

The boat that normally runs the route, the Victoria Clipper III, is being used to ferry USS Abraham Lincoln sailors from their base in Everett to Bremerton’s Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, where the aircraft carrier is being worked on.

Clipper says it doesn’t have any other boats that would be adequate for the route — large and fast with outdoor viewing. It hopes to resume the service in 2010.

The UTC will decide whether to temporarily discontinue Clippers’ permit to operate the route, cancel the permit permanently or ask the business to voluntarily relinquish it so another vendor can use it.

2 thoughts on “Navy Responsibilities Cause Clipper to Cancel Island Route

  1. wonder how fast Clipper will “find” a suitable vessel when UTC decides to cancel the permit to allow another vendor.

    Clipper, don’t pull a WSF on us, we will gladly support another vendor if you can’t do the job.

  2. Victoria Clipper III and two other fast passenger ferries are racing past our beachfront property twice a day. The waves they put out are bigger than the car ferries. This will go on all summer-who knows what damage they will do to the beaches.

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