We Used to Memorize Phone Numbers

Now that everybody has cell phones with address books, memorizing phone numbers is becoming obsolete. It’s weird.

Last century when I was the high school sports guy, before cell phones were invented, I knew the numbers to most of the coaches in the county, as well as friends, family, etc. Now I don’t even know my wife’s or kid’s cell numbers. Why should I when I just have to flip open my phone and click on it?

It’s a good thing that cell phones came along, though I don’t understand why some people can’t get off of them. It’s good because my memory is not as good as it was. I hope it’s what happens to everybody when they get old. I’d hate to think it’s only me.

I try to work out my brain, but it’s not doing much good. I do the crossword puzzle every morning. I’m pretty good at it, but I can still forget the name of somebody I’ve seen every day for 25 years. I play along with Jeopardy. I’m not much good at that. Even the teens kick my butt. I guess some of them aren’t always on their cell phones.

Wonder if that human growth hormone stuff would turn my brain young again. Any other suggestions?