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Ferry Puzzle: What Would You Do?

October 8th, 2008 by ed friedrich

After the Walla Walla broke down Monday, the state moved one of Bremerton’s car ferries to Kingston and brought in two passenger ferries to try to try to fill in for the car ferry in Bremerton. The state has taken this approach before but at other times has grabbed one of Southworth’s three ferries for Bremerton. Under the circumstances, the moves make sense, but there’s no avoiding that Bremerton or Southworth will feel like they’re getting a raw deal. Do you have any better ideas. Remember, there are no backup boats available.

2 Responses to “Ferry Puzzle: What Would You Do?”

  1. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    Not much in the way of choice here. The boats have to go where the need is greatest.

  2. Sharon O'Hara Says:

    It is not a better idea…but if we can’t move…a option is reschedule where we must and remain flexible….it will all work out.