HYPERMILING: Hey, that’s what I’ve been saying!

You can call it hypermiling, or if you’re the Governator, EcoDriving. 

It’s the same thing, really. Well, EcoDriving is like hypermiling-light. But the premise is very similar to why I started this whole blog adventure. My motivations are more closely tied to my pocketbook than CO2 emissions, but that’s a positive bonus. 

You don’t have to buy a new car or hybrid to reduce your fuel bill. You do have to overhaul the WAY you drive. It’s not that hard.

You can get some sound tips on EcoDriving HERE. 

By the way, I filled up this morning and got less-than-stellar fuel economy – 32.2 mpg. But I have a confession. A couple days there I got acquainted with the gas pedal again. I just can’t help myself. Still, for the tank I managed 4 mpg better than my previous average.