HYPERMILING: Less Gas = Less $$$, And Hybrid vs Diesel – FIGHT!

I went off and saved all that money on gas, so am I supposed to feel guilty now?

Apparently with people driving less, the state is worried that decreased fuel consumption means less gas-tax revenue for road works.

At first blush, sure, it seems like it could be a problem – and I’m no expert so I’ll say it could be.

But isn’t there another side? If people aren’t using roadways as much, shouldn’t there be a corresponding decrease in demand? Which would mean maybe we won’t need (at least as quickly) those costly road improvements?

This is obviously more complicated that I’ve mentioned here – and clearly isn’t something I’m an expert it – but it should be something worth keeping an eye on.

Speaking of saving fuel, which one do you think will get to San Francisco on one tank: A Toyota Prius or Volkswagen Jetta TDI (The D=diesel)

Let the “yeah, but” smackdowns begin. Or continue, really.

This whole dog and pony show is a stunt by Auburn Volkswagen with the intent, I’m assuming, to not sell more Priuses. Priui? Prii? (Plural of Prius, anyone?)

This adds a new dimension to the Interweb fights that usually ensue when you bookend “vs” with two car models in Google. (Try THIS ONE.)

While the example above has little to do with fuel efficiency, the Prius/TDI thing has been done before.

Not to be left out of the current debate, some Prius fan boys and girls get their say, too.

What this really means is that the Prius and TDI drivers have no right to complain if they hit a rough patch of road along Washington state highways.