HYPERMILING: More On Efficient Tires

Have you figured out yet that proper tire inflation is kind of an important element in this hypermiling journey?

I wasn’t aware of this, but hybrids usually come with low-rolling resistance tires.

Today, the Detroit News has a story about them.

Basically, the less flex and friction a tire causes, the more efficient it is, leading to better MPGs. (Also worse braking and off road performance.)

It makes sense. I’m into mountain biking, and rolling resistance along with tread pattern is a big concern when deciding what rubber to put on your hoops. If you’ve ever ridden a knobby-hoofed mountain bike on the street, versus one with slick tires, you know all about what rolling resistance does to efficiency.

And even if you won’t cough up the extra dough for low-rolling resistance tires, and can’t seem to find the time to keep your current tires inflated, you can always hope for some tweels.