HYPERMILING: Where Are The FREE Air Compressors?

(EDITED: Now includes the map.)

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Keeping your tires property inflated is an important, and EASY, thing you can do to improve your safety, and gas mileage.

Only one problem. Most gas stations make you feed quarters into the air compressor.

So, as a service to myself and anyone else, I’d like to make a Google map with all the Kitsap stations that offer free air. Send me the name and address (if you have it) of the station, and I’ll create a map.

7 thoughts on “HYPERMILING: Where Are The FREE Air Compressors?

  1. I got an electric airpump from Autozone with a gauge in it for about $20. It’s a lot more convenient than going to a gas station and doesn’t use any gas.

  2. Derek,

    Don’t forget to mention that if you pull up to most any tire dealer, they are happy to check your tires and fill them up for you.

  3. Good tip, Luis. I’d never even thought of that. I pass one on the way home. I’ll have to make some new friends.

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