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Ferry Company Organizes Protest Swim

May 19th, 2008 by ed friedrich

Here’s a story that ran Sunday on Radio Netherlands.

The TESO ferry service to the Dutch island of Texel has called on islanders to join a mass protest on Tuesday. The call follows government plans to liberalise ferry services to the Wadden islands off the north coast.

TESO managing director Cees de Waal says passengers will not be better off if commercial services are introduced to the islands. He warned there would be fewer crossings in bad weather, longer waiting times and higher prices.

Under the motto “Swim to the other side?”, he called on islanders to come in bathing costumes to a surf beach on Texel. The demonstration has been organised on the eve of a debate in the Lower House on the future of the ferry services.

Last month the island’s council rejected plans to connect Texel to the mainland by a tunnel. TESO is an island-owned company and has been running since 1907.

One Response to “Ferry Company Organizes Protest Swim”

  1. Jerry Harless Says:

    As good as that sounds, I really don’t want to see most of my fellow ferry commuters in their bathing suits. And I will gladly spare them the sight of me in mine.

    On to the next idea please…