3 thoughts on “Comment Problem Appears to Be Fixed

  1. Oh I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO glad the blog is back.. I was wondering how to get thru my day not being able to get the .. um.. .. sanity.. yeah, that’s it.. from all the knowledgeable folks in the neighborhood.

    It’s such a GOOD thing when folks bring their non-biased opinions to light for others to ponder.

    THANK YOU for that! =)

    Ok, so while I’m here and being unbiased, the folks running the boats (the crew folks) have a TON of crap to put up with (sounds pretty much like every job I’ve ever had), and I think they do a very good job of putting up with the whiney, gotta-have-it-my-way folks they encounter every day on every sailing.

    Alright, nuff said for now.. back to getting more intellified reading what YOU folks have to say.


  2. Ed
    Good luck with this effort. I am typing this on a Seattle-Bremerton run with WiFi. How nice…
    Interesting comments about Paula Hammond. I hope you are correct in that she will make the subtle day-to-day differences that regular riders may notice.

  3. Up and down and up and down.
    The blogging has been a little buggy 🙁

    However, looks like the blogs are “UP” today.

    I hope you were able to track down the bug once and for all.

    You and the other Sun Bloggers keep up the good work.

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