Why Am I The Last To Know?

How come you guys on the Southworth-Vashon-Fauntleroy route didn’t tell me you got Wi-Fi? I saw some mention of it on a Google alert blog, so I called the head guy from Parsons, Bob Parsons (nice guy, by the way) who said they sent out a press release a while back. So he sent me the old press release.

Turns out, you guys have had Wi-Fi since Jan. 17, according to the release, which for some reason wasn’t announced until Feb. 7. So I’m officially only about 12 days late on this story. How’s that for breaking news?
So, are any of you using it? Probably better for Southworth folks than Vashon, considering the time spent on the boat. I don’t think it’s on the passenger-only boat yet. I’ll write about that for the paper when I get back to work Wednesday. Took an extra day off the make the long weekend even longer, and it is gorgeous outside! Sorry to rub it in. So why am I inside writing on the blog when it’s like Florida outside? On my day off. I’m not a real bright guy.

One thought on “Why Am I The Last To Know?

  1. I didn’t know we had Wi-Fi on the Southworth route either until I read it in your newspaper.

    I did see signs during our two boat schedule of late. However it was because we had some other route’s boat.

    But since you brought it up…

    I can see the viability of having Wi-Fi on the ferries. Many commuters can get some good work done on the Bremerton run which is an hour one way. On the Southworth run, that monthly cost ends up being almost twice as expensive per minute used as the Bremerton run.

    I pay about this much a month for 24/7 access at home. Even though it is 24/7 availability on the ferries, I am only there long enough to use about an hour to hour and a half a day total. Purchasing it an hourly rate makes it even more expensive.

    Not a good buy in my book.

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