Paula Paula Paula

Hammond, that is. I like her. I’ve been impressed all four or five times I’ve talked to her. If you didn’t know, she became the Secretary of Transportation in October. She’s the one who made the decision to beach the steel-electrics. Some complained that at least one of those boats could’ve been made seaworthy enough that they could use it at PT-Keystone until they got something better and that it was a overreaction.
I can’t say that I know, but I trust her judgement. Wouldn’t want a boat to sink on my watch. If I used that route on a daily basis, I might have a different perspective …

I was at Southworth at an ungodly hour one morning after the route lost one of its boats and was on a two-boat schedule. It was still dark out and freezing. She came out to hear people’s complaints. And there were many. But she has a way about her that disarms people.
She talked to the riders, rode the boats and talked to more people, found out what their problems were, told them she’d do something about it, and the next day announced several scheduling changes to make the situation better.
She gets things done, and is a straight shooter. I was talking to her the other day and told her the ferries folks told me the Hyak would return to the Bremerton route by next week. Then the next morning I read in the P-I that it would be back in a couple days. That pissed me off because I don’t like to get beat on a story by the Seattle papers, especially because we care about the ferries a lot more than they do. And I wouldn’t have been beaten because I asked about it the day before and they didn’t tell me what they knew. Paula said she wants me and you to know what’s going on as soon as they know; no hedging.
She’s resposible for all of DOT, but I think she’s going to be good for the ferries.