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German wine our recommendation for this ‘Swedish’ dish

There are two ways to look at how to pair this “Swedish” dish depending on your taste buds.

Do you want something tart to pair with the acid of the lemon juice and red wine vinegar in the Sweet and Sour Chicken/Pork/Beef? Or do you want something sweet to pair with the sweeter side of the dish?

Regardless, we have a wine that will meet both requirements: Gewürztraminer.

It’s tough to say but easy to quaff. If you want to sound like you’re in the know, just say “Gah-vertz,” and leave the rest alone.

Gewürzt is made in many styles. Some have low acidity, some are dry and some are just the opposite. But the basic rule of thumb to remember when pairing Gewürzt with food is: How spicy is the dish?

If the meal is spicy, you should consider a wine that is sweeter and lower in acidity. If you like a little less heat, then choose a wine that is drier with higher acidity.

Look for wines from cooler regions like Mendocino in northern California. Navarro Vineyards has dialed into Gewürztraminer like no other winemaker.

Currently, they have five different Gewürztraminers available. The 2009 and 2010 are the drier versions with medium body and the typical intense aromas of lychee, pineapple, floral and spice with crisp acidity.

Their 2009 late harvest has 8 percent residual sugar and is sure to please those that prefer a hot, spicy sweet and sour dish.

Other styles available are a 2006 Late Harvest Cluster with 20 percent residual sugar. Probably not the best choice for this dish at $29 for a 375ml bottle.

And to cover all bases, Navarro makes a non-alcoholic Gewürztraminer that is pure essence of the grape at 20 percent residual sugar.

Navarro Vineyards is a family run winery that has been growing grapes and making wine since 1974. Because they are a small hands-on winery, their wines are sold only at the winery. Their website makes it easier to keep in touch navarrowine.com.