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What we’re drinking: Shoofly Shiraz

Brynn writes:

This Australian Shiraz is an example of an impulse buy. We’ve all been there, walking down the wine aisles, not really looking for anything in particular, but yet there is this urge to go home with something,but you just don’t know what yet.

Well it was the label on this one that did it for us. The cream colored label with the pretty “Shoofly” cursive flowing across the center and a small, tiny-weeny, fly circling across the letters, it was all just too cute. And hey, the price wasn’t bad either — I think we paid around $10 for it.

But like any impulse buy, once we got home we didn’t pop the cork — or in this bottle’s case, twist the cap. Nope, we confidently placed the bottle in our wine rack where it sat, and sat, and sat. Finally a few weeks ago I decided it was time once and for all to dust off this Australian Shiraz with its pretty label and give it a try.

We were having chili — homemade, five bean chili, I might add — and I knew a jammy, fruit-forward wine was just what we needed to match the full-flavored dish.

That’s definitely what this wine delivered. Unfortunately the experience also left me thinking if I’m going to drink a Shiraz (or Syrah if its made in other parts of the world), I’m probably going to stay away from the less expensive ones from Australia. It’s nothing against this wine in particular — it’s a decent everyday sipper — but as Mary and I recently discussed, life is just too short to drink mediocre Syrah (or Chardonnay, for that matter).

Maybe another reason why I was a little underwhelmed with this wine was because it was slightly too cold — if it warmed up a bit the bouquet and flavors may have stepped up and impressed me. Instead I was left thinking there wasn’t much to be desired.

But, if you’re looking for an every day Shiraz and you don’t want to spend a fortune, this is one to consider. Or if your preference is a fruit-forward wine with a lot of red berry flavors all the way through, this is the wine for you.

Here’s what the winemaker said of its most recent release of this wine (we probably had the 2010 vintage):

On the nose, the 2011 Shiraz reveals aromas of sweet red fruit and light, Asian spices. The supple red fruits carry across to the elegant palate and give way to complex nutmeg, tamarind, earth and eucalypt notes. The vibrant red fruit fruit runs the length of the palate and lingers with a “have another glass” finish.