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Easter wine pairings

Mary writes:

Whether it’s ham, lamb or spam, we’ve got you covered. (OK so it rhymed and was kinda catchy, but we’ll take a rain check on the spam.)

Many families start Easter Sunday with the traditional Easter egg hunt — complete with the kids  running around eating candy out of someone else’s basket. When it’s time to convert those hard boiled eggs into deviled eggs, it’s Mimosa time.

Mix Domaine St. Michelle Brut with a dollop of fresh orange juice for a wonderful adult treat.

At the Easter feast, the best ham and wine experience is usually a pairing with Riesling. Since brined, smoked ham is usually glazed with something sweet like honey or brown sugar to balance saltiness of meat, a wine with sweet fruitiness balances the salty, spicy and sweet flavors of the ham.

At the recent Taste Washington tasting event (held last weekend in Seattle), one of the best Washington Rieslings we tasted that would fit this profile was the Silver Lake Roza Reilsing, from the Roza Berge Vineyard located in the Rattlesnake Hills AVA.

Founded in 1987, Silver Lake Winery is one of Washington’s pioneer wineries. Their Riesling has earned many awards over the years. The pear and lime flavors of this medium-bodied sweetie with bright acidity and a long finish would pair very nicely.

However, if you’re pining for red, try the Maryhill Zinfandel. There are not many Zins in Washington but this winery along the Columbia River has one of the best. This wine pairs with anything off the grill. This wine has the sweet fruitiness to balance the sweet sauce and the salty ham.

If you’re preference is a nice rack of lamb, rubbed with olive oil, garlic and rosemary grilled to perfection, you need a red with a modicum of tannin,  good structure, solid fruit notes and, of course, a fine finish. The best, the only, pair would be Syrah.

After attending a couple of seminars at Taste Washington where we learned at little bit more Syrah in Washington, we can assure you that one from a warmer vineyard will have the fruit and the structure to create synergy with lamb.

Try Walla Walla winery, Syzygy. (Pronounced “szz-eh-jee”); it means the alignment of three celestial bodies which usually occur during a solar eclipse. Owner and Winemaker Zach Brettler’s current release is a 2008 Walla Walla Syrah. It’s a rich, sleek, smooth quaff with a ton of black fruit flavors and hints of green olive and smoke. Because it has some age, it’s drinking very nicely right now. It also has garnered quite a few medals.

Cheers and have a happy Easter!

What we’re drinking: Domaine Ste. Michelle

Brynn writes:

This week’s wine review might be seen as a little late by those of you who popped the bubbly last weekend to celebrate the ringing in of the new year.

However, I say to you there’s still plenty of reasons to pop the bubbly and celebrate (don’t forget Valentine’s day isn’t that far away), so I’ll go ahead and write about once such bottle that won’t break the bank.

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with some of my close college friends and their husbands in Bellevue this year. While I knew I wouldn’t be having any, I still wanted to bring a bottle of Sparkling Wine as a courtesy to the hostess. I also wanted to make sure what I brought would be acceptable to all palates. While I considered some of the more pricier wines, in the end I decided to go with the Domaine Ste. Michelle because it was reasonably priced (around $8), I knew it to be a trusted wine and I wanted to bring something from Washington.

I opted for the Blanc de Blancs, mainly because I wanted to bring something different than what would be poured — I figured everyone else would bring Brut. The Blanc de Blancs is still dry like Brut, but it runs on the dry to medium dry spectrum. It’s flavor profile includes aromas of pear and pineapple with flavors of crisp green apple and toasted coconut.

I wish I could tell you I really enjoyed the wine, but my midnight toast was done with a glass of non-alcoholic Sparkling Apple Cider.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy start to 2012!