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Weekly wine defined: Corked

Brynn writes:

This is a term I hope most of you aren’t familiar with.

It’s a term you’ll use when you open a bottle of wine, take a whiff and a sip, and think: “Hmm something seems off here.” In some cases it might just mean the wine tastes a little musty. In others you’ll know something is wrong.

In either case, if you open a wine that appears “corked” (or has suffered from cork taint), you should let the restaurant or store where you bought it know. If you’re in a restaurant, don’t feel bad about sending the wine back to the server — hey you are paying a pretty penny for it after all. But beyond making sure you’re getting your money’s worth, the winemaker needs to know something was wrong.

Ideally if you send back a wine because it’s corked, that information will be conveyed back to the winemaker/winery. If you bought it from a grocery store or wine shop, save the wine and bring it back so they can let the distributor know, who will hopefully take that wine back to the winemaker.