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Casa Santos Lima 2011 Lisboa Espiga Vinho Tinto

Mary writes

Remember when we said it was a good thing when there is a lot of real estate listed on the label pinpointing to specific vineyards?  Well, this wine, or vinho in Portuguese, doesn’t really have a lot of real estate on the label but it looks and tastes like one.1341229378espiga_red

This highly colored wine is made from a blend of 40% Castelão, widely planted all over Portugal,  15% Tinta Roriz, also known as Tempranillo, 15% Touriga Nacional, the base grape in port and %15 Syrah grapes.

Castelão is a hardy little grape that does well in desert like conditions – dry, sandy and hot – that are the norm around the Lisbon area.

The color is an extracted bright ruby from a long, cool maceration. Bright red fruits dominate the nose. It has concentrated dark cherry and blackberry flavors, and pleasant acidity with light toasty oak notes. It ends with smooth tannins and a fruity finish.

This well balanced wine has good aging potential and sells for $8 to $10.

Imported by Cavatappi Distribuzione, Seattle.

Another wine website to check out

Brynn writes:

A while back I wrote about some wine websites I was looking at that I found helpful for either wine information, or that linked me to great wines I might not be able to get here on the peninsula.

Another one of those websites has been brought to my attention. I received an email this week about a new website based in Seattle that offers wine deals via the web. The site is LetsPour, and the idea behind it is the people running the site work with wineries to select, in their words, “amazing wines and offer them at incredible deals.”

The site also incorporates social media — you can log in with your Facebook account — so that you can keep track of the wines you like and rate and share them with other wine lovers (and your friends on FB). From what I understand, you don’t have to buy the wine from the site to rate or share it.

A nice feature about the site is, if you’re debating whether to purchase a wine you can look at the bottom of the page where it says “Who’s talking about this wine?” and see what other people have to say about it. If you read someone’s review, it might better help you decide if the wine has characteristics you like, or is one you want to pass on.

I’ve clicked through and signed up, but I haven’t used this site much yet so I can’t say one way or the other what I think yet. I did however notice the wine deal of the day is for Washington winery Kana and its white Rhone blend, which as you all probably know by now is one of our favorite French wine styles. It looks like they have a diverse offering of wines from Washington and beyond.

It sounds like they’re trying to drum up publicity for the site — hence why they emailed me about it — so if you sign up now you get a promotional $25 credit that can be applied to purchases from the site. Shipping of two or more bottles is also free during this promotional period.

If you’re looking for the deals site, use this url:

If you want to sign up click here to get the registration page.

And remember, I’m just passing along the information, this is not an official endorsement of the site, but hey if I can help you find good quality wine, I’m all about it.