Bull’s Blood

This is an intriguing name for a wine, don’t you think?
Bikaver is Hungarian for Bull’s Blood and after 1990 was used to designate a style of wine. This Hungarian treat was once exclusively produced by the state owned winery in Eger, Hungary.
The story goes that Eger’s castle, constructed in the l3th century, was defended by Captain Istvan Dobo and 2,000 soldiers who withstood a month-long siege from the onslaught of 150,000 Turks.
During the siege, the soldiers drank red wine. Being a little shaky, the wine spilled over their beards and onto their armor, coloring them blood red. As the fight against the invading Turks continued, word spread that the Hungarians were drinking bulls blood to make themselves strong and fierce. The superstitious Turks were terrified. And that defeated the Turks.
If you’re feeling brave, try the Egri Bikaver with a nice, hot dinner of Hungarian Goulash, a thick, rich, paprika infused stew made by the Hungarian Herdsmen.